About Smyers Design

Smyers Design engages some of the most diverse, creative minds in the communications industry. We have all worked together in different iterations over the past decade to serve our clients’ strategic communications needs.

Lynne Smyers, Creative Director.

Lynne Smyers is a talented designer who makes sure the final product is delivered on time (or early) and to rave reviews. She honed her creative skills while generating significant client loyalty during her twenty-plus years working in the communications industry. For nine years, she was art director at a boutique studio in Washington, DC, where she managed a diverse scope of communication strategies for nonprofits, associations, government agencies, and corporate clients. She was involved in every aspect of client relations, including business development, client account direction, art direction, design, project management, print management, and production, and was responsible for several key re-branding initiatives. Since 2008, she has built her own practice around client collaboration, strategic support, and advancing awareness with custom teams of industry professionals.

Previously, Lynne worked in the academic arena, serving as design director for The Penn Stater magazine, the largest dues-paying alumni organization in the country. Her design career started at The Washingtonian magazine where she worked for six years and was named design director after only two.

Lynne’s ability to work strategically with clients to develop cohesive design systems and branding campaigns creates long-term value and trusted partnerships.

“I live, breath and sleep design. I’ve been at it since drinking the kool-aid in design school at Penn State. I have worked with editors, production managers, printers, web departments, writers, illustrators, photographers, development types, PR firms, etc. I love to brainstorm with all of these folks to stimulate ideas, but know how to manage and take charge of a situation to get things done. And, what I’ve learned over the years is that problem solving is at the heart of it all.”
—Lynne Smyers 

Creative Collaborative

vicki glembocki
Vicki Glembocki, Writer/Strategist.

An award-winning journalist, Vicki brings a unique perspective on communications, having worked inside the Ivory Tower (at Penn State, Pitt, and Dartmouth) and in the commercial world—from city magazines with a circulation of 120,000 to national publications with 10.5 million subscribers worldwide. She understands both creating institutional messages and translating them to various audiences, developing strategy and implementing it in the real (and virtual) world. She’s a contributing editor at Reader’s Digest, a Writer at Large at Philadelphia Magazine, and has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, and at the podium at numerous conferences. She consults frequently with universities and other nonprofits on branding, content, and communications strategies for publications and campaigns, always able to discern for clients the fine line between what they want to say, and what their constituents need to hear.

Sarah Kellogg
Sarah Kellogg, Strategic Consulting.

Sarah is president of the Kellogg Consulting Group, a project performance and communication strategy company. Her most recent engagement was as project director for the Creative Economy Strategy for the District of Columbia. She also served as chief editor and manager for the Economic Development Strategy for the District of Columbia. She recently served as director of conceptual projects for the Office of the Dean at The George Washington University School of Business. She has more than 20 years of experience in communications and marketing strategy, research initiatives, and editorial development. She is a published author and filmmaker.

Jim Jacobs, Digital Strategist.

I am a dedicated marketing and technology leader with 35 years of experience in a wide range of fields, including nonprofits, commercial enterprises, and government. I’ve worked in the fields of magazine publishing, market research, high tech, and digital media. For the past 21 years, I have worked at the forefront of digital marketing and fundraising, Web, and interactive media using proven and emerging technology to strategically connect with constituents, supporters, and customers in useful and meaningful ways.

I have helped hundreds of organizations strategize, plan, and implement successful marketing programs and campaigns based on best practices and new and cutting edge ideas and tools.